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We, the Earth's children, are in the process of a beautiful creation
which is coming together with a rich abundance of colors and textures; sights and sounds.
We are not simply living our lives, but we are creating them as we go.

The crystal and stone beings are a part of this creation. 
They are not merely the sparkle and glow to this creation, but they come forth to create with us.  
They are of the purest, highest, clearest concentration of light in the physical realm.
They have been sent here, not as tools for healing, 
but as guides and teachers and friends through our journey on this life path.
They are here as co-creators.  Each of them are as unique as each of us.
The pureness of their song allows us to see, in their reflection, that which we need to see;
and their complete openness and acceptance allows us to see this in the gentlest possible way. 
It is in these openings where true healing occurs.
With their light, they inspire us to glow and sparkle as brightly. 
They show us the beauty of connecting to the stillness in the midst of chaos. 
They show us who we truly are.

woodland crystals

Song of Stones is a sanctuary for your precious crystals, and the messages sealed within them, guarding them in sacred trust until you come for them. We often have your stone here long before you know you're looking for it. Your crystal will guide you here when it is time.

Customers often tell us that the stones that come from Song of Stones are their favourite.  It’s not because the stones here are more special than the ones you will find anywhere else. Perhaps it's because they are held in a space of love and honour from the time they arrive here to the moment they are sent to you.


I just wanted to say thank you! I don't think I've ever been around such amazing high vibrational stones before. I got the box, and I literally have goose bumps and my bodies tingling.  I am so excited to begin working with my new stones.  The stones you work with are very special (more than any I've ever encountered), and so is the work you're doing. Thank you again. 

--- J from Maryland


I feel a special bond with the crystals that came from you, even though all crystals are wonderful, there is something about the ones from you. It is like they hold a little of a feeling. The feeling of being in a Song of Stones bubble, like when we sat opening our first package from you. It was truly magical, and the stones remind me of that feeling all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. What you have done for me is beyond words, and it gives me great joy to know that such a person and site exists for anyone to find in there time. I came over your site one time long before ordering, but I guess I was not ready for it yet, because I just left. But the second time around, it was like coming home.

--- anonymous


My experience with Song of Stones has been exceptional! As a stone/crystal lover, I have shopped at many places online and in store. Nothing compares to the level of love, care and connection that Smadar has to her collection. She genuinely loves her work and is deeply connected to the stones and crystals. Gracious and educational, Smadar goes above and beyond by sharing her experiences, using her intuition to assist your choices and ensuring stones are reunited with their human partners. When my package arrived it felt like a present: beautiful and carefully wrapped with lavender and dried flowers. It was like Christmas morning! After my first purchase I am now a loyal, repeat customer and look forward to my customized Song when the time is right. Thank you, Smadar!  

----- Kelly from New York


Thank you so much for your care with my order. You have a gift for blowing my mind, again and again. I have come to expect the unexpected with your orders, though always magical and harmonic. May love and laughter light your days!

--- L from Norway



Let the crystals guide you in finding them.  
Move into the space of your heart 
and let your hands move and fingers click 
as you are guided by the magic of the moment.  
You will see that they will take you to the right place.  

You can always ask us to listen for the stone that is singing for you. It's what we do best.

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